Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spain: Gibralter

Gibraltar is actually a British Oversees Territory, and has a Royal Navy base.  It is a fun English break from the hugeness of Spain.  The main town square, Casement Square, has a plethora of English shops and eateries.  Try to venture forth from this area to find less touristy shops and pub fare.  There is no VAT tax, so you can save a lot of euros on highly taxed items such as cigarettes and liquor.  The highlight of visiting the Rock are the Barbary macaques.  Depending on your tour guide, you may be able to get a macaque to sit on your shoulder.  Some of the tour guides are familiar with them and give them a treat to get them to jump on you.  Just be ready for a huge lump to jump on you!  The government feeds them well so they stay in their colony and not venture to the city.  Otherwise, it is recommended that you hold tight to your parcels for they are quite good at stealing!

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim mosque
Europa Point

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