Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paris: Versailles

This is the royal residence of the kings of France from the mid-1600s until the French Revolution in 1789.  The Royal Chapel is just off the Kings' Bedroom, where he would awake every morning and attend mass, but for the people down below, they had to worship him, not God, as he stared at the alter trying to look pious.  The Hall of Mirrors is 250 feet long with 17 mirrors to pair with the 17 windows.  The Queen's Bedroom has a secret passageway to the King's, as well as to others; same as in King's Bedroom.  The beds are short as people reclined instead of laying flat as they slept, for fear of death.  During labor, there was an audience, hence the large open spaces around her bed. The Gardens included an Orangerie and mini Grand Canal.  Quite the sumptuous place for a few royals!  No wonder the people revolted.


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