Monday, February 25, 2013

Spain: Castile-La Mancha: Toledo

Toledo used to be the capitol of Spain until the 16th century.  The Gothic Cathedral is the most beautiful cathedral I have seen in all of Europe.  My favorite part is the El Transparente, which is literally a skylight cut above the main altar.  It  creates light where there would be none, illuminating the magnificent Baroque artwork in an otherwise Gothic architecture.  There are two synagogues you can visit as well: Santa Maria la Blanca and El Transito.  Both have Mudejar design and are now Catholic churches since the Jews were expelled from Spain during the Reconquista.  I must warn you that this is an exceptionally hilly city.  Hopefully the escalators that take you to the top from the parking lot are working!  Take your time and expect to get lost in this medieval maze of streets.  A must see though, for it has such marvelous structures and historical sites. 

Santa Maria La Blanca

El Transito

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