Friday, February 15, 2013

Italy: Campania: Capri

Capri is a beautiful island off the coast of Naples.  It is only four square miles, so it is easily walkable in its two cities: Capri and Anacapri.  It has a funicular that goes from the harbor up to the city, so you can sing the song as you ride, as we did with great gusto.  You can take a chairlift to Monte Solaro, the top of the island.  It is a relaxing and breathtaking ride.  The most famous site is the Blue Grotto.  You have to take a ferry from the marina around the island to the grotto.  Then you get into a little dingy and literally have to lay down while the captain hauls you into the cave by way of pulling on a chain above your head.  Then you go around and the captain sings the inevitable O Sole Mio as it echoes around the grotto.  Very cheesy but a not-miss excursion.  Another not-miss is to get a pair of sandals from an old man who runs a shop with his son in Anacapri.  You pick out the strap you want, and they fit it to your foot.  It takes only ten minutes for them to hammer it together.   Much cheaper than the ones in the store.  And you know they were actually made there.  Be forewarned, they are very slippery, but oh so gorgeous.  I never wear them but I like to admire them on my feet. 

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