Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Disneyworld #1

My family and I decided to go for broke and visit this crazy resort for our spring fling.  It was my mom, Pat, my sister, Lisa, her daughter, Emily, and me.  Disney was super hot and crowded.  I guess the best time to visit was in the winter, not spring!  I never thought it would be that hot already, and so crowded with screaming kids.  Nevertheless, we had fun and we survived the onslaught of tourists.

This little princess photo bombed our picture!
Tired of grandma hauling out the camera all the time!

Epcot was our favorite place, especially the World Showcase.  Here you can go around the world in one day without ever having to fly over the ocean!  I bought souvenirs in England, ate ice cream in France, and pizza in Italy!

Phone booth from England.  Can you hear me now?
Stave church and tired tourists from Norway.

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