Monday, June 27, 2016

Independence Day

I picked these because they speak of what we, as a country, have forgotten.  We have forgotten that we have rights that are guaranteed in the Constitution.  We have forgotten that we are not the savior of the world, and that we are all responsible to keep up this great experiment called America.  We have forgotten that we can destroy ourselves because we gave up our freedoms to be who we were made to be, yet not allowing others to be who they were made to be.  Finally, we have forgotten that someone paid the ultimate price for our freedoms as Americans.

We are a unique nation  for a reason.  We came here to escape tyranny.  Yet now we experience tyranny here from within.  When are we going to stop?  When will we let people be and stop trying to govern every aspect of their lives?  When are we going to be honest and work together instead of bullying and lying?  When are we going to say, "enough is enough."  We have forgotten the sacrifices that too many have made so we could be free.  We are spitting on their graves.

Let us remember that we live in the greatest nation on God's green earth.  It's not perfect, no nation is. But we are unique.  We have freedoms that no other nation has.  We love our country.  We love our military.  We love our flag.  And we love our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.  No other nation with such freedoms are as patriotic as ours.  We are Americans, home of the free, because of the brave!

God bless America!

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