Monday, July 11, 2016


 These pictures do not do it justice, but Avignon is known for the palace of the Popes.  From what I understand, during the 1300s, the pope at the Vatican was French, and he wanted to move the head of the papacy to his home country, especially as  the Roman Empire was crumbling by this time.  So for about a century,  

 the papacy was in Avignon.  Here they built a huge palace for the Pope, to rival the Vatican.  There was even a wall around the city, of which still is present today.  But the people wanted the Roman pope to be in Rome, so he moved back, and this palace is now a museum.  The town is 

somewhat now preserved as a medieval city, with some modern shops and restaurants.  Here my mom and I found the best biscuits, so we were happy to finally do some shopping, as in the day before in Arles, the shops and restaurants were closed.  I have no idea why.  They just seem to close up shop whenever they feel like it, and rue the poor tourist who is hungry!  

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