Thursday, July 21, 2016

Viviers and Tournon

Viviers coat of arms.
Viviers plane trees.
Both these medieval towns are part of the Ardeche region, between Lyon and Avignon on the Rhone River.  I don't remember much about them, except that the plane trees are everywhere, not just in Viviers.  In Viviers we saw an elderly man feeding three cats. They sat in front of his door waiting.  Then he came out
Tournon war memorial.

Tournon on Rhone River.

with food for them.  I don't know if they were stray cats or not, but that was what I was interested in.  There is so much history and so many medieval towns like this everywhere in France.  I suppose they were built along the rivers, like our towns were built.  Maybe if I had written all this stuff down I could have remembered.  Not even wikipedia has much info about them.  Oh, well.  They were still pretty and quaint little towns to visit.  But I wouldn't want to live there, so far away from any big city.  Yikes.   

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