Monday, June 6, 2016

Van Gogh in Arles

Roman amphitheater

painting of amphitheater



Vincent van Gogh spent about a year in Arles, approximately a year before his death in another Provencal town.  There are Roman ruins throughout Arles, which van Gogh painted.  He spent some time in the hospital due to the ear incident, and his failing health due to smoking and alcohol.  He liked to frequent the cafe in the bottom picture, which is still there today and profiting from van Gogh's fame.  

I enjoyed seeing the real places of these paintings.  Arles is a quaint little town that I was surprised that it had been around at least 2,000 years, and that some of the Roman ruins were still visible.  I didn't know the Romans had colonized France at all, besides Paris.  I knew so little of these towns of southern France.  I feel like I still know so little.  But at least I got a taste of it.

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