Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day

Two weeks ago I was in Europe.  Now that I am home, I reflect on my own country of America.  Here are a few things I am thankful for:

air conditioning
stores being open
food everywhere
helpful service

Why did I think this?  In Europe I was reminded of stores shutting their doors in the middle of the day, and bars only serving booze and not willing to serve.  A few times I was hot with no escape from the heat.  Maybe I am spoiled, I know I am.  But I am thankful for these simple things.  That I can go anywhere and find food and a/c.

But the greatest thing I am thankful for as I reflect on my travels in Europe is freedom.  Freedom is not free.  Too many men and woman paid the ultimate price for my freedom.  And their loved ones continue to grieve their sacrifice.  

So I am glad to be back on my native soil.  I am thankful to be born in this great nation.  America is unique, we are not like any other nation in the world.  We are freedom-loving rebels.  I hope we never take for granted what we have.  I hope we never give away what so many died for.  What others around the world are dying for everyday.  

God bless America!   

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