Monday, July 13, 2015

My Parents' Home

I spent about a month at my parents while my dad was in the hospital and in the nursing homes.  My parents' home has been a kind of resort, or a sanctuary when I just need a time of healing or refreshment.  I stayed there a week after I dislocated my shoulder, I stayed there after Chocolate died.  It seems like I have been there a lot this year.  But I guess I have been through a lot. 

I am truly thankful that I can always go home when I need to.  Sometimes life as a single person gets lonely and hard, having to make all my decisions on my own, having to conjure up something to occupy my time to assuage the feelings of aloneness.  Usually, I am happy being single.  But when I have an injury or a problem, I feel very alone sometimes.  So I am thankful my parents are always there for me.  

When I was there that month, I took some pictures of their tranquil property.  Every day I walked with their dog, Minnie around the place, taking pictures and noticing the changes that happen in nature.  

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