Tuesday, November 3, 2015


My dad is OK!  He came home last weekend, after a week in the hospital and a week in a nursing home.  He had hip replacement surgery, and 3 days after the CNA gave him a shower, of which she left him alone while she talked on her phone outside the bathroom.  Consequently, he fell.  But he is OK, aside from some bumps and bruises.  We think he fainted as he literally slid down the wall of the shower.  Unbeknownst to all of us, he was low on blood.  I can't imagine that no one knew this.  He had to spend 2 extra days in the hospital for tests and transfusion.  This hospital was not the best.  The light in the bathroom didn't work.  He did not get his pain meds when he was supposed to.  His call nurse pager didn't work.  His injury back in May was so complicated that the only doctors who treated this type of injury practiced at this hospital, the only place, besides the U of MN, that takes patients without insurance.  The moral of the story, if you don't need to be at HCMC, don't go there!  

But he is home now, Minnie the dog is happy to have her master back, and we are all relieved.  Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.  There were a lot of cards and gifts. There was lots of help from the men in our lives.  It is all greatly appreciated, and we are so very thankful.  Thank you for being faithful friends, faithful prayer warriors.  Most of all I give the glory to God, for He watched over my dad and brought him home!

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