Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Don't Wait

I don't know why I love this song.  I've never seen the movies, neither do I like rap.  But when I heard it I cried.  I knew one of the actors had died from a tragic car accident.  He had a child, a family, lots of friends, a great career, and charities that he supported.  It seemed like he lead a full life and died when he was too young.  Living life large, it became too much.  

I guess I post this as I did on facebook a few days ago, thinking of the people I love, those I have loved and lost, my pets and grandparents.  My own parents, who are getting older.  My college friends that I haven't seen for years, but now have reconnected on facebook.

I guess I am more emotional as I am finishing my period, my dad is having his surgery next week, and my arm and hand have been pain-free for the last few days!  That last event brings tears of joy and relief.

But with my dad and my own injuries, I think it just brought me back to what matters.  That is the people and pets in my life.  They won't always be around.  I hope they know much I love them, how much they made a difference in my life, how much I wouldn't be  here without them.  

So I encourage you to do this too.  Remember the people and pets in your life.  Tell them that you love them.  Tell them how they made a difference in your life.  Tell them you wouldn't be here without them.  Don't wait.

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