Monday, November 23, 2015


Right now my elbow and hand hurts like crazy and it is very painful to type.  Our country seems to be going to hell in a hand-basket.  And winter is coming!  It is hard to be thankful when terrorists are attacking people everywhere, and I feel like our government has either lost touch with reality, or simply doesn't care about the people they represent.  I feel crabby about all this PC business, how people get offended, I feel like I have to be so careful of what I do or say, for I know I am outspoken and unable to fake it.  But maybe I could look at all this in a different way.

Yes, I have pain.  But I don't have any pinched nerves in my neck, so that is good.  And I am trying a new therapy next week, trigger point dry needling, so maybe that will help.

Yes, winter is coming.  But so is the holiday season, which I love.  And maybe I wouldn't appreciate the summer so much if we didn't have winter.

Yes, there are terrorists.  But there have always been terrorists, and always will.  They are just bullies with lethal weapons.  They only know hate, but I know love.  They only feel hate, but I feel love.

Yes, we are too PC, and I am too outspoken.  But maybe this awareness will help me to be thoughtful and use my words accordingly.  I don't always have to share my opinion.  Sometimes its best to keep my mouth shut.  I just need to think before I speak.

Yes, my government doesn't represent me.  But America is still the greatest country on God's green earth.  

Therefore, there is a lot I can be thankful for.  Family, God, my health, my safety, my education, my career.  I have a home, I have freedom.  I have all that I need and more.  I am rather spoiled.  

And I am thankful that I was born in this time and in this place.  For my life could have been so different, and not in a good way.

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