Thursday, April 2, 2015

Two New Pets

Don't worry, I did not get cats. I got two Hawaiian crabs, named Crabby and Patty.  My niece used to chew these Spongebob Squarepants gummy candies that looked like a hamburger named a Crabby Patty, hence the name.  I bought these at the Mall of America on Monday, at a kiosk.  I had seen them numerous times over the years and always wanted one.  I just didn't think I'd better with Chocolate, the most curious cat around.  I got two as it was suggested they would be happier with a crab friend, and no, they won't mate.

I was inspired by the movie Thirty Days with Sandra Bullock.  She played a woman who had to be in rehab for thirty days for alcohol and drug addiction.  When she got out she went to the pet store and saw a fellow rehabber there who was grieving because his pet or plant, I can't remember, died.  In rehab, they were encouraged to get a plant or pet when they got out, something small and easy, to help them develop responsibility.  Since I am going through a "rehab" of my own, I thought I'd get something small and easy too, thus the crabs.  We had planned on going to the mall, my mom, sister, niece, and I, and since my mom is always so generous I knew she'd help pay for them!  

So far so good.  They don't do much but when I take them out they do walk around.  They like to hunker down in their coco hut.  Other than that, I haven't seen much movement.  They did say it might take a few days to get used to their surroundings.  But I figured this would be a good start.  No noise, no mess, and no wrecking of things!  

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