Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Woe is my Period

I had a heck of a time trying to figure out what to write about this week.  I am feeling particularly crabby I suppose because my period is coming up, and as usual i opened my big fat mouth without thinking.  I hate that. My mouth moves faster than my mind.  

My birthday comes up next Monday, which is apparently the day we also celebrate Columbus Day.  Why do we celebrate Columbus Day?  I don't think he was ever in North America, was he?  As far as I know, he was just in central and South America.

And my birthday is in October, a time of year that I don't particularly like.  Halloween, like so many other holidays, have become so commercialized, hence the meme above.  Everywhere you go is pumpkin this and pumpkin that.  What if I don't like pumpkin.  Autumn also means the end of my favorite season, summer.  But I do like my birthstone, which is opal, so I guess it isn't a total wash.

I also think insurance is a scam.  It is basically a scheme to save money by paying someone else to do it.  I can save my own money very well thank you.  But to drive, I am forced to have car insurance.  And because of my health problems, I am forced to have health insurance.  My fees increased 25% last year.  I heard now that they will increase 50% this year.  Are they saying that I will be paying almost double what I started with?  What do I look like?  A bank?

I also get discouraged about our impending election.  No matter who gets in, half the country will be upset and threaten to cause all kinds of problems.  I don't like that we have strayed so far from the ideals set forth from the founding fathers when they created the Constitution.

I am sure that next week everything will be back to normal.  If you don't get a period, consider yourself lucky.  For some people it is not such a big deal,but for others, its a living hell.  Maybe I should check myself into a rubber room so I can be alone.  I feel like a Dr. Jekyll and  Mr. Hyde.

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