Monday, March 28, 2016


When I was growing up, these four TV programs were my favorite programs to watch.  I so loved these shows that I even had a Bionic Woman doll.  I dreamed of having special powers like these women had: the power to change things, to make things disappear, to make things appear, to do physical feats I could never do as I was so athletically challenged.

I was bullied as a child, and I 
had numerous surgeries, so I guess I felt pretty powerless in my life.  I emulated these women, these strong lead female characters that could carry a show.  

Nowadays, there are so few strong female lead characters.  I suppose that's why I liked the Hunger Games series.  I could relate to Katniss. 
I felt as lost as she did. Although I was not living in an apocalyptic world, I was battling my own enemies when as a child I felt so inept.

I guess that's why I also loved the new Star Wars movie, with Rey being revealed as a Jedi.  It makes me want to whip out my light saber and do some action!  

And finally, I am so excited about the new Wonder Woman!  I have lamented for years about how there are so many male superhero movies but so few women, or they are in the background, like Black Widow.  I don't like spiders, so why would I want to emulate one?  

This new Wonder Woman will have her own movie next year, which I am over the moon about.  It's about time they realize that female superheroes are needed for our young girls.  There are so much oversexualized females that make a big noise with no talent or morals that they have no one to look up to.  We females, who still feel powerless sometimes as we are battling our own enemies, need these strong women to relate to, to make us feel like we can conquer, and overcome the powers of evil.  We need to know that we can!

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