Thursday, March 24, 2016


God is God and I am not
Who am I to question Him?
He is God, He is in control
He gives and He takes away.

The master of the universe
The molder of the earth
He breathed life into creation
He shaped the heavens above.

He turned the world upside down
In the birth of His Son
All the rules changed
In the birth of His Son. For

The first will be last, the last will be first
The strong will be weak, the weak will be strong
The healthy will be sick, the sick will be healthy
The rich will be poor, the poor will be rich

Nothing belongs to me, all belong to Him
For I am nothing without Him
I have nothing without him

God wills what He wills.
He causes the mountains to rise
The valleys to lay low
The sun to shine
The clouds to rain

He causes life to live
Life to die
Death to life
Forevermore in Him

God is God.

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