Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Sister

My sister, Lisa, my dad, and me.

Last night I was watching Modern Family, and it was about the younger daughter, Alex, graduating from middle school.  Her older sister, Haley, was trying to encourage her to not give the speech that she had planned for the commencement exercises, which would have alienated her from everybody the rest of her grammar school life, but to give a common, popular speech.  Alex was a smart girl but not popular, while Haley was the opposite.  Even though they seem to fight all the time, Alex's older sister was still looking out for her, sharing what she had learned, and not wanting Alex to suffer any more the pain of loneliness as a socially awkward teen.

This show makes me cry sometimes, because it is so true to life.  My sister and I fought a lot too when we were teens.  We were so opposite of each other, I think we couldn't understand each other.  Even so, when my sister was severely ill, I worried so much for her.  When our parents were mad at her for breaking a rule, I felt for her, and took her side.  

I know that she worries about me.  Like when I felt my breast lumps, she worried I had breast cancer.  Whenever I struggle with anxiety and depression, I know she worries and wishes I could have it easier in life.  I know she wishes that I could live a "normal" life, whatever that means.

I chide her in her "blissful ignorance" and extreme optimism.  She believes there is someone for everyone, although I know this not to be true.  She believes the best about people until proven wrong.  She is the most giving person I know, so generous with her time and money, even though she has little of either.

Sometimes I worry she gets taken advantage of, which she does.  But I guess in the whole scheme of things, I wouldn't want her to change.  This is who she is.  Generous to a fault, not worrying about things that she can't control, doing whatever she can for her little girl, to make her as happy and successful as she can.  She is the most devoted and dedicated mother I know.

She is like her mom and her mom's mom, Grandma Lila. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. 

We are still so different.  I still am an obsessive-compulsive, she is still a free spirit.  She gives of herself freely, even though she has been burned many times.  I think she sometimes thinks she should "wise up."  But I think we need people like her in our lives.  We need people who believe the best, give the most, and shine brightly.  

I love my sister, Lisa.

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