Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What Do I Do?

Since I don't have a "real" job, I thought I'd write about what I do with my time.  I volunteer teaching English as a Second Language two nights a week with adults from all over the world.  Here I help the students learn English using the internet, and help out most beginning language learners. 

I also volunteer at the Animal Humane Society once a week in the adoption area. I help potential adopters meet their potential pets.  I also spend time with the cats and generally help keep the area organized.

Third I volunteer as a Mentor Coordinator for the Next Gen (youth program) at my church, Church of the Open Door.  There I mentor a group of three young adult women who then each mentor a junior high girl.  We meet once a month with our mentees and other mentor coordinators.

In the summers I also volunteer at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in the aviary nursery.  I help take care of birds, feeding and changing their bedding, and generally keeping track of their health. They only have the nurseries open the summers, and it fills the time slot for when I don't have Bible study at my church in the summers. 

I also manage four websites.  This blog and an online support/community group that I manage for adults with Klippel-Feil syndrome (KFS).  If you don't know what KFS is you can go to my website about it: Klippel Feil Support.  This is a site about me and KFS.  People leave me questions about KFS, such as  parents, siblings, and medical professionals, of which I try to answer.  Potential members of my KFS group can leave their email address where I send them an invite to the group.  This support group is by invite from me only, and only adults with KFS can be in it. 

My last website is my dad's website about his 1932 Ford car collection: Deuce Heaven.  My dad and I created this site about his collection and Ford museum.  He knows car collectors from all over the world, has won awards for his restorations, and his collection has been published in multiple magazines.

As you know my "career" is writer.  I am working on three projects: a juvenile story, my memoir, and my cat Chocolate's memoir.  Who knows when or if they will ever be published.  I'm not really a "starving" artist as I live on a trust and am not starving.  But without my parent's money, I would be living with them.  So to them I am eternally grateful that I am able to do this without losing my sanity, which I have done numerous times over the years! 

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