Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day

Every Memorial Day eve PBS hosts a Memorial Day Concert.  My parents and I watch this every year even though it is emotionally exhausting.  We feel that it is the least we can do for those who gave everything for us. 

I am thankful to live in a country where we honor our military and their loved ones.  We proudly sing the Star Spangled Banner at every game.  We watch fireworks on every Independence Day.  And we fly our flag proudly from homes, restaurants, schools, and parks.  We have memorials all over the nation remembering our founding fathers and the wars that our ancestors have fought to protect our freedoms. 

Our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and spouses, continue to fight this day for these same freedoms.  Freedom to worship as we see fit.  Freedom to speak our minds.  Freedom to redress grievances.  Freedom from tyranny.  We are a land ruled by law, the Constitution.  That is why it is so revered and so protected.  This paper, makes us the United States of America.  But not only that, the lives of every man and woman who fought so gallantly for this nation, makes us the greatest nation in the world!

God bless America!

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