Thursday, September 19, 2013

When Did I Start This Novel?

Last November.  I wanted to do the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).  But on day 1, my mind was blank.  No story ideas whatsoever.  So I wrote my memoirs.  Apparently my life has not been long enough to fulfill the 50,000 word requirement.  Not only that, it took longer than a month.  What with my crazy hands it takes me twice as long to type as an average typist. 

I set my memoir aside, and hoped that an idea would come.  One had started to germinate in my mind.  My niece, along with her tween peers, were obsessed with Hunger Games.  I neither read the book or saw the movie.  I was intrigued, but thought the violence would upset me too much knowing how emotionally overwrought I get in movies.  But I liked the idea of a woman hero.  There have always been too few.  Every time a super hero movie comes out I think, "what about Wonder Woman?"  She was my hero as a child. 

I wanted my story to have a woman hero,  but instead of fighting peers, she would fight evil.  Last spring my pastor spoke at my woman's Bible study about the armor of God.  A light clicked on in my mind.  My female hero would go on a journey to battle evil and gain the armor of God. 

I bought "Ready, Set, Novel," from NaNoWriMo, which is like a workbook to help me flesh out my story.  I was amazed at how ideas poured forth onto paper, and I finished the workbook in a month.

I'll quit now before you get too bored.  I want to finish with one of my mottoes: "failure is failing to try."  We all fail in life, but if we handicap ourselves with fear and not try, we may miss out on something.  I don't want to get old and regret not trying something I wanted to do.  Life is too short to waste.

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