Sunday, January 27, 2013

London: The Tower and Shakespeare

This is a fun, family-oriented museum that is also historically informative and easy to access.  Beefeaters abound, medieval costumed actors roam the tower, and history surrounds you with stories to tell and artifacts to display.  Even the public can participate in the merriment.  The Crown Jewels are displayed here, where you can drool over the jewels and wonder what its like to have that heavy crown on your head.  Instruments of torture churn your stomach, and the living quarters can give you a chill.  This was not a friendly place.  But great fun for us! 

Shakespeare's Globe is a reproduction of the original Globe since it was demolished in 1644. Original Shakespearean plays occur during the summer, and tours are allowed during closed season.  A small museum has props and costumes from famous plays, including Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth.

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