Thursday, January 31, 2013

London: Misc.

The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms are a fascinating journey into the life of Churchill and the fight for Britain in WWII.  The underground bunker is recreated to look exactly as it did during the war, while the museum is an exhaustive look into the Renaissance man that Churchill was.  He was not only the Prime Minister, but also a writer and a painter.  Throughout his life he suffered with depression and a speech impediment.  Churchill also foresaw the threat of Nazism and Communism. 

Trafalgar Square, London 2 - Jun 2009.jpg
Trafalgar Square is surrounded by museums.  Within is Admiral  Lord Nelson, who died after he won the battle of Trafalgar.  Most notable are the pigeons, which swarm about you and eat of your hand.  But now the pigeon population has been decreased through various means since they were considered a public nuisance. 

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