Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's Day

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Although I used this quote last year for Father's Day, I like it.   My dad was always there.  

My dad is not a typical man.  He doesn't hunt or fish, doesn't watch or play sports.  The only typical thing is cars.  

But he taught me many lessons that have held up well over the years.  Be honest.  Use common sense.  Be real.  Family is number one.  Do what you enjoy.  Be committed.  Be rational.  Love animals.  Respect the elderly.  Don't flaunt your wealth.  Don't act like you're better than anyone else.  Be humble.  Love and accept your family.  Don't give up.  There's probably a lot more that I am forgetting.  

My dad may not be a typical man, but he is the best dad.  He provided for his family.  He sacrificed his health for his family.  He pushed us to be more than we thought we could be.  He was hard on us when we were kids, but I think he was trying to toughen us, especially me, living in a world that doesn't accept differences.

A month ago my dad fell off his lawnmower and broke his hip.  He was in traction for three weeks, and is now in a transitional care center, trying to regain his strength.  The first week he was in HCMC, an inner city hospital in Minneapolis.  The care was ok, but in the next two weeks he was in an awful transitional care center near there.  Only two places would take traction patients, so we had no choice.  It was a hell hole.  We despaired of him surviving it.  As soon as he was out of traction, my mom got him out of there and into an 100% better care center near home.  

It is hard to watch someone that I depend on so much be in such a sorry state.  I don't like the thought of my parents growing old.  I don't like to see them hurt by people that are supposed to take care of them.  I don't like seeing them in such a helpless position.  

I just love my dad. I respect him, admire him, and am so proud of him.  He is a good man with a good heart.  And I am so blessed to have him as my dad.

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