Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mid Life Crisis?

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As you may know, I have been volunteering teaching ESL to adults for six years.  This past year I have had the opportunity to sub for a teacher a few times, as no sub was available through the school district.  I found that I really enjoyed this.  I love volunteering here.  I love the students, and the staff are great to work with.  And they love me, and always tell me how much they appreciate what I do.


I have been trying to figure out what to do with my life.  I'm not ready to adopt another pet, and I actually miss having a career.  I miss that feeling of accomplishment.  I miss feeling good about myself.  And of course, the money doesn't hurt either!  I asked the teacher I work with if there is a program where I could learn how to do this without having to get another college degree.  I already have a Masters teaching degree in early childhood and early childhood special education.  She suggested Hamline University.


So I did some research, talked to some people, and here are the results: I can get a certificate in Adult Basic Education/ESL from Hamline, which is 12 credits and all online.  Then since I let my license lapse five years ago, I can use these credits to renew it.  I know that some school districts require an Adult Basic Education (ABE) license to do this, of which is only offered at the U at this time and is 24 credits and not online.  Hamline is looking into offering the license for the future.  So I figure after my 12 credits, I can renew my license and sub, getting some experience.  So if I have to get an ABE license, I can do that later, my credits will transfer.


I hope this works out.  I am excited about it and surprised I didn't think of it sooner.  But I think I was so consumed with Chocolate, his problems, and then his death, I couldn't think of anything else.  And I was writing.  I hope to finish editing this summer and then self-publish through Amazon as a kindle book.  This is free, they just take part of the proceeds, if any.  I can always republish later if anyone ever actually picks it up.


I have been writing for 10 years, and need a break. I want a "normal" career.  I miss teaching, and I love it, and I am good at it.  But I can't physically handle little ones, nor ones with disabilities, and I am tired of trying to stop behavior issues.  That was the worst!


So we shall see.  I could sure use your continuing prayers.  I know I can't do this on my own.  I have a tendency to make bad decisions, on impulse.  I liked this meme as I could relate.  I have many jobs and none I want back!  Except for teaching.  You ever have a feeling when you are doing something and it is not you, you somehow manage to rise above yourself and surprise yourself?  That is how I feel when I am teaching.

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