Thursday, December 26, 2013

Half the Sky

Edna Adan started a maternity hospital in her home country of Somaliland to help combat genital mutilation and prevent maternal mortality.

Urmi Basu started her own organization to keep women and girls out of prostitution in the Red Light district of Kolkata, India.

Amie Kandeh advocates for women in Sierra Leone, working to seek justice for victims of abuse.

Rebecca Lolosoli is an advocate for women in Kenya and started her own women and children only village for victims of domestic abuse.

Somaly Mam was a victim of sex trafficking as a child in Cambodia, and after escape, started her own rescue and rehab organization for other women and girls trafficked in southeast Asia.

These women and more you can read about on:

Why did I write this?  I saw the documentary on PBS and have read the book twice.  I even wrote a letter to my local papers about it.  This inspired me because as a woman, I never realized how good I have it here in America at this time. 

I was never mutilated, abused, or sold into slavery.  I was educated to the best of my ability, earning a Masters degree in Education.  I was gainfully employed for some years in various occupations.  I have truly been blessed and never appreciated it.

I write this because every night I thank God I have a warm bed to sleep in, a cat at my feet to keep me company, and warm jammies to keep me cozy.  I write this because I do not know hunger, ignorance, or disease.  I was born in the richest country at a time where my rights are respected and I am considered equal.  For this I am eternally grateful, and I hope I remember this when I complain of the cold and frigid temps, complain of my bad eyesight or hearing, or complain of having to use a CPAP for my sleep apnea.

I love being a woman, and I wouldn't want it any other way. 

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