Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Coming Home


The season of Advent is about Jesus coming.  First is in the past, when He came as a helpless baby to be worshipped in a manger.  Presently it is when we see Him reflected in His creation.  Future when He comes again one final time to reign for all eternity, where there will be no more tears and no more pain. 

Home is a place where one feels loved and accepted.  Where one feels a part of something bigger, a sense of belonging.  So what does Advent have to do with Home?

Where I feel most at home is where I see Jesus in His creation, when I feel Him moving in my soul.  Where I am most myself and closer to Him than ever. 

I feel this way when I am with my parents playing cards.  When I am laughing with my niece.  When my sister and I enjoy an episode of Big Bang Theory.

It is when I am holding a cat in my lap or playing with a dog.  When I feel the purr of the feline, the licks of the canine.

It is when my students learn something new in English, and I had a part in that.

It is when a family brings home a pet, and I had a part in that.

It is when I am talking with my friends at church, sharing a snack with my Bible study group.

It is when I am moved to tears during a sermon, remembering the goodness of God.  When I am singing a particularly moving worship song.

It is when I am snuggled up in my bed on a cold winter's night, with my cat at the foot.

It is when I am praying to God and reminded of His grace.

It is in remembering the Christmases of my childhood, the lights on the tree, the scents from the kitchen, the warmth of the hugs.

It is in the Christmas of now, seeing the joy in my niece's face, the contentment of my parents, the craziness of all the dogs.

It is in the simple things of life that bring me joy, peace, and purpose.  The things that last.


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