Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Over the last 6 months, since my dad fell, I have spent a lot more time with my parents' dog, Minnie.  I stayed there for a total of 6 weeks, helping my mom out and keeping Minnie company.  Not only did Minnie comfort us when we were trying to cope with my Dad's injury, she was a great comfort to me in my own grieving for my beloved pet, Chocolate, who passed away a year ago.

Minnie loves to just sit on our laps and be loved, or take naps with us on the leather couch.  She also loves to run around outside and bark at all the woodland critters, telling them to stay away.  Unfortunately, she also likes to eat animal poop!  But she is good hunter.  Last summer she killed 4 young groundhogs.  But usually, the chipmunks and squirrels are too fast for her, as they can run up trees.  But she doesn't give up, she keeps trying, in the hopes that someday, she will catch her prey.
Minnie loves her mommy and daddy.  She was so depressed the first few days when Dad was gone that she wouldn't eat her food.  When he came back, she was so excited, leaping and barking all over the place.   Actually, she does that whenever they come home, as if they had been gone forever.  She is not at peace until they are home.

She also protects us.  She protected me against a big, hyper dog, growling and barking at it to stop.  She protected my mom against a woodchuck, wrestling with it until my mom was able to kill it with a few good whacks from a shovel.  And she protected her doggy cousin from a big, scary dog that tried to attack her, by jumping on it and trying to stop it.  For her troubles, she got a few bites, but she was OK.
I love this dog.  I look forward to seeing her when I come over.  She always gets so exicted.  How could anyone not love that cute little face?  I am so glad mom and dad asopted her.  She is just what we needed.  And she needed us too.

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