Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Third and Final Self-Published Book

Here is my final eBook!  It is a memoir of my first 40 so years.  I decided to write it as I saw so many stupid memoirs written by people who think they are actors but not, and thought, why not me?  If people are willing to shell out money for stupidity, mine at least isn't as stupid. I'm just not famous. So here it is.  I am taking a break from my writing now to spend a year getting a certificate in Adult Basic Education/English as a Second Language, hopefully to get a job doing this afterwards.  I am sick of writing, and my left arm/hand has been in constant pain for three months, I think due to it.  So I need a break.  Writing is a lonely hobby and a a seeming exercise in futility.  I will still be posting to this blog, and managing my other sites.  But I need a break.  The link about the book will be on the left.  But you can just go to Amazon to see it, if you want.  Thank you for following this blog, especially my mom, and members of my KFS group, who always writes something about it every time.  My mom is a good mommy, who believes in her daughters even if they fail.  I am blessed to have such great parents who always believe in me and have helped me throughout my life.  I would not be here without them.

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