Saturday, July 26, 2014


A month ago I dislocated my shoulder walking a big obnoxious dog at the humane society.  In excruciating pain my mom took me to urgent care and they put the shoulder back in place.  I was told I would feel a lot better when they did that, and when I heard the pop as it went back in place, I thought yay the pain is over.  I don't normally swear but on those first few days but the expletives were flying.

I could not type for a month as I was strapped into a sling that was attached to my body.  Kind of like a straight jacket.  That is why the last few weeks I posted clips from google images. 

I feel better now, but still have sore muscles.  I am going to physical therapy three times a week, and contrary to popular opinion, it is am immense relief.

I send kudos to my parents for taking care of me, my mom helping me to dress and even wash my hair.  My parents driving me to and from my apartment to feed my cat and clean his boxes.

An update on Chocolate: he started urinating in front of the balcony, so after watching My Cat from Hell, I learned to put a box in front of it.  So now he goes in there instead of the carpet!  He is doing that to mark his territory.  The steroids he is on makes him more manly I guess.

I was actually relieved to have a break from writing.  I apparently needed it as I was stressing out over my writing class I am taking this summer.  I don't know why I do that.  Logically I know that it is a class and they are there to help me.  I just don't like criticism from the teacher.  But I know she is there to help me.  Nevertheless, I am tired of editing my memoir.  Writing is great when the words are flowing and you get a positive response.  But it sucks when your mind is a blank and people don't like what you have to say.

I have also been watching a lot of FOX news, not being to volunteer at some places and having to sit around with an ice pack.  There is nothing else on.  But I just get madder and madder watching that. 

Maybe I did need a break from my life.  I was tired and bored.  But now I miss volunteering.  I appreciate my cat more, even if he is more interested in food than anything else.  I have to remember he is old, and what do old people do in nursing homes?  Not much! 

I look at him and smile, him laying on the floor facing the kitchen, his front legs crossed like a lady.  He still goes on the balcony, so that gives him something else to think about.  Otherwise, he lays around, eats, drinks, pees, and poops.  I suppose when and if I get old I will just do that too.  I worry he is not happy.  I worry that he is suffering.  But then I think maybe he doesn't think like we do.  So I just have to take it one day at a time, trusting that God is in control.

That is what I was reminded of.  That God is in control, and He is with me.  To take it one day at a time.  To appreciate what I have.  To appreciate what I do.

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